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Product Spotlights


Honey Apple Sparkling Cider Vinegar – Dean & DeLuca

Sonoma apples are drenched in late-harvest honey and aged in white oak barrels to evoke the sweet complexity of these two classic flavors. The original Dean & DeLuca opened for business in September 1977 in SoHo. For more than 35 years, the company has been providing the United States the world’s best treats for cooking,…  READ MORE »

The Buzz About Honeydrop

Brooklyn-based Honeydrop recently debuted a new line of honey lemonades and teas made with four to five ingredients, including honey. When founder David Luks realized he wanted to create an all-natural product, he knew honey was his answer. “We believe in the power of honey,” Luks said. It is what drives the mission at Honeydrop.…  READ MORE »

The New Cuppa Tea is Green

America is considered a nation of black tea drinkers, but things might be changing. More than 86% of Americans drink green tea compared to 59% who drink black, according to a lifestyle survey conducted by the Tea Council of the USA. The council believes that Americans are choosing green tea more often because it is…  READ MORE »