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Product Spotlights


Barmy Ale – Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits – San Diego, Calif.

“Barmy” historically refers to the froth coming from fermenting fruit or beer, and Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits did just that with its new strong golden ale, Barmy Ale. The ale lives up to its name, combining a tart fruitiness from apricots and a sweet, but not too sugary, finish with orange blossom honey. The…  READ MORE »

Protein PLUS Banana Honey Almond Butter – Boathouse Farms – Camden, N.J.

Bolthouse Farms, a brand of Campbell Soup Co., has a new line of Protein PLUS shakes including Protein PLUS Banana Honey Almond Butter. Taking the smooth and creamy taste of a banana and honey, and adding delicious almond butter, Bolthouse has found the recipe to the ultimate protein shake. Bolthouse Farms has been in the…  READ MORE »

Apple Brandy – Sonoma Cider – Healdsburg, Calif.

Sonoma Cider has announced its first organic brandy and foray into the craft spirts market. Apple Brandy combines juices from five varieties of organic apples and is aged in American oak barrels. Also including cinnamon baked apples, vanilla and honey, the brandy gives sweet and spicy flavor notes. Founded as a father and son partnership…  READ MORE »