An Energy Drink With a Buzz!


Energy drinks are powering people around the world, and fueling the growth of the beverage category.

A new product entry to the category, EnerBee uses natural energy sources, including honey, to put a unique spin on the traditional energy drink. We caught up with Zach Grossman, co-founder of EnerBee, to get the buzz on his bee-inspired company!

What spurred you to start your company? 

My partner and I were two health-conscious entrepreneurs looking for a better-for-you source of energy to get us through our day. We did not like coffee or any of the energy drinks on the market, so my partner asked me what I thought about creating an organic energy drink themed around honeybees, nature’s most energetic workers. He already had the domain name, which was a perfect fit, so we got to work on finding a formulator and doing the packaging, and the rest is history.

What inspired you to develop an energy drink using honey? 

Once we knew the drink was going to be themed around honeybees it was a no-brainer to use honey. Not only is it an all-natural sweetener, but it also is a great source of energy.

Why is honey the ideal sweetener for EnerBee? 

From an energy standpoint, honey is amazing. The glucose and fructose in honey are not bound together. This allows the consumer to get a quick energy boost from the glucose, which is quickly absorbed, and a more sustained energy boost from the fructose, which the body absorbs more slowly. Oh, and I almost forgot, honey is delicious also.

You also use royal jelly and bee pollen as ingredients. What does that do for the drink? 

Since EnerBee is themed around the most energetic worker on the planet, we wanted to put anything that bees eat for energy into the drink as well. We think there is something special about combining these three ingredients together. We call it “The Super Bee Trifecta.”

Where is Enerbee sold in the United States? 

We are currently sold in all Whole Foods throughout Florida, as well as many other natural markets on the West Coast (Gelson’s, Jimbo’s, Herbie’s, etc.), Georgia and New York. EnerBee is also available online at

What prompted you to form the HoneyBee Alliance? 

We initially wanted to create our own organization for saving the honeybees, but we realized that would be a lot of work, and there were already several established non-profit organizations doing the same thing. So, we decided to donate a portion of our sales to a couple of these non-profit organizations, and then we created The HoneyBee Alliance to help raise awareness. People who want to join the alliance can do so by liking our Facebook page. We believe that raising awareness is one of the most important things that we can do to help save the bees.

Our thinking is that we are stronger in numbers, just like a colony of honeybees. The more people we can get to join the alliance, the better. We want to create a global network of honeybee supporters and eventually have non-profit organizations as official partners of the alliance. This way we can help raise awareness through The HoneyBee Alliance, and also direct passionate honeybee supporters to our non-profit partners where they can make a donation if they choose to do so.

Will there be any new varieties for EnerBee? 

Yes! We are hoping to launch our Hibiscus Berry Tea flavor sometime in the fall. It will have the same amount of honey, bee pollen and royal jelly as our current flavor, but it will have much more of a fruity/berry taste.

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