Sweet ‘n Spicy Summertime Products

Sweet Tea Vodka Deep Eddy’s Vodka

Sweet ‘n Spicy Summertime Products

Summer isn’t just about cooling off with an ice cream cone or a refreshing drink. Food companies are releasing products with flavors that range from sweet to spicy.

Check out this list of products that are Made With Honey.

Sweet Tea Vodka – Deep Eddy’s Vodka
Deep Eddy’s Vodka, Austin, Texas, produces its vodka from premium juices, essential oils, natural sweeteners and local honey. The company has zero byproduct or waste. Everything that goes though distillation either burns up in the process or ends up in the bottle. Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea Vodka is handcrafted in the Texas distillery from whole tea leaves and clover honey. This gluten-free vodka is distilled ten times and full of flavor.

Weber Sweet & Thick Honey BBQ Sauce – ACH Foods
ACH Foods launched a line of “Sweet & Thick” Weber barbeque sauces. These sauces have a thicker consistency that is meant specifically for the grill. The new Sweet & Thick Honey BBQ Sauce is sweet and tangy, with spices and a subtle honey taste.  This bold flavor will stick to whatever food you put it on.

Sweet and Spicy Happy Hour Snack Mix – TGI Fridays
The TGI Fridays snack line, with its restaurant-inspired creations, expanded with a new line of snacks featuring nuts, pretzels, crackers and seeds. The Sweet and Spicy Happy Hour Snack Mix combines butter toffee peanuts, wasabi peas, pecans, cashews, rice crackers, pretzels and honey to provide the best blend of sweet and savory.

Show Me The Honey Coconut Chips – Bare Snacks
Bare Snacks, San Francisco, Calif., is a dried fruit company that wants to bring simplicity back to snacking. All its products have seven or fewer ingredients that are gluten-free and natural. Bare Snacks’ Show Me The Honey Coconut Chips combines crunchy coconut with a touch of honey.

Bare Snacks began twelve years ago with a mission to create deliciously simple snacks to keep customers healthy and happy. The company’s snacks are made with 100% real fruit, baked, gluten-free, fat-free ingredients, with no preservatives.

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