Craft Sodas Help Industry Fight Sales Slump

Craft Sodas Help Industry Fight Sales Slump

Sales in the carbonated soft drink category have dropped 3.6% since 2011.

While traditional brands may be falling out of favor with consumers due to rising concerns regarding artificial ingredients, craft and natural options are poised for growth, according to Mintel, a Chicago-based market research firm.

“Natural and craft brands tend to feature ingredients in more natural forms, to position products as a better-for-you option,” said Elizabeth Sisel, a beverage analyst at Mintel. “Craft and natural sodas also provide new flavor experiences, including blends of fruits, spices and herbs, while hitting naturally sweetened and premium ingredient trends.”

Only a third of United States adults currently drink craft soda and only 44% of non-craft drinkers expressed interest in trying it, according to Mintel. However, big brands such as PepsiCo are trying to capitalize on consumer interest by releasing craft soda lines.

Check out these craft sodas that are Made With Honey!

Root Beer – Sprecher Brewery

This old fashioned soda has a rich, creamy flavor that comes from using Wisconsin honey direct from the combs. This dark, honey brew has a delicious frothy head.

Honey Orange Soda – Rogue Ales

Honey Orange Soda is a refreshing craft brew that is made with honey, and has a citrus bite and a floral finish.

Appaliachian Root Beer – Appalachian Brewing Company

This root beer is brewed with a delightful blend of cane sugar, vanilla and honey. Homemade root beer doesn’t get any better than this!

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