Canadian Winery Breathes Fresh Life into Meads

Meadow Vista Honey Wine

A winery in British Columbia is making a buzz with a line of handcrafted honey wines.

Meadow Vista Honey Wine combines farm-fresh ingredients with mindful conservation of honey bees to produce a line of honey wines, called meads, that people fondly refer to as, “nature in a glass.” The meadery was founded in 2009 when owner Judie Barta sought to reinvent old world recipes with a fresh edge for today’s health conscious consumers.

Meadow Vista offers a wide line of meads designed to catch the attention of any wine lover, whether you prefer dry or sweet. Wine styles include sparkling sisters Joy & Bliss, a dry and traditional Cloud Horse and a juicy blackberry Rubus. Each bottle comes wrapped in artistic packaging that reflects the story behind every distinct style.

Today, Barta stays true to her mission by harvesting only local honey, grapes, fruits and spices to craft her high-quality honey wines. Applying the same innovative fermentation processes used in the production of renowned grape wines also allows Meadow Vista to bring a new level of craftsmanship and dedication to the production of honey wine.

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