More and More Americans Drinking Bottled Water

Bee’s Water

During the past ten years, American’s consumption of sodas has decreased while their drinking of bottled water has steadily gone up.

According to, the number of adults who drank five or more glasses of bottled water has increased by 22%. Not only that, but the amount of people who drank five or more glasses of soda or other carbonated beverages fell by double-digit percentages.

The bottled water industry is expected to continue its growth based on growing fitness trends, consumer cravings for low- to zero- calorie alternatives to soft drinks and perceptions of bottled water as a good-for-you beverage.

One company that is capitalizing on the popularity of bottled water is Bee’s Water, located in New Jersey. Bee’s Water contains a proprietary mix of honey and Vitamin C. The product does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

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