Dundee Brewing Company’s Honey Brown Lager is a sweet treat

Dundee Brewing Company’s Honey Brown Lager

Many breweries use honey as a natural sweetener in their products, and Dundee Brewing Company is no exception. Their Honey Brown Lager was the first beer they ever brewed and they’ve never looked back.

What was the inspiration behind developing a beer with honey?

Dundee Honey Brown was developed back in 1993 and went to market in 1994. During that time, craft brewing was in its infancy and there wasn’t much variety in flavor and composition profiles of beers available. Many of the products in the market were very similar. So thinking creatively, the company decided to create a honey beer. Honey is an ingredient with a positive reputation, natural connotation and is familiar to everyone. People understand honey so it was considered a good choice all around to use in a new product.

During what part of the process do you incorporate honey?

Honey is added during the final stages of the brewing process to maintain sweetness. Honey is used for flavor in Dundee Honey Brown as opposed to a drying agent, etc.

What kind of honey do you use and why?

Manitoba White Clover honey. This varietal was chosen for its unique flavor (fine, mellow) and compatibility with the flavor of the beer in which it is used. The flavor is the perfect balance, not too strong but distinguishable in the beverage with a mild, smooth finish.

What were your biggest challenges when brewing with honey and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was deciding on which honey varietal would be used. Brewers tried dozens of varietals before making the choice to go with Manitoba White Clover.

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