Honey: The Key to Collaboration at Fullsteam Brewery

Fullsteam Brewery

Fullsteam Brewery, located in Durham, N.C., is turning heads with Beasley’s Honey White.

“We wanted to marry a dish with the beer,” said Brian Mandeville, Head Brewer. “Chef Christensen’s honey drizzled fried chicken dish uses honey to seal in the crispness of the chicken. To contrast the savory tones in the dish we used pepper in the beer. To link the two together we used malt to extenuate the sweeter side of the honey.”

Fullsteam uses wildflower honey in the brew. The honey is added after boiling wort in the brew process to help preserve the honey’s flavors.

Many tips of brewing with honey were discovered by Mandeville in The Complete Mead Maker, a book with, “an amazing wealth of knowledge of using honey in a mead beverage. We applied the concepts we learned in The Complete Mead Maker to our brewing process and went from there,” Fullsteam said.

“Honey is a unique ingredient. It doesn’t always fit into all beer styles or a make a lot of sense in every recipe,” Mandeville explained. “There are many misconceptions about what honey does when you ferment it. It is not as sweet, but brings out many other awesome flavors and aromas depending on what type of honey is used.”

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