‘Honeyade’ Launches Honeydrop to Prepared Food’s Top 15 Beverages of 2015


Last year, Honeydrop, a beverage manufacturer located in Brooklyn, N.Y, introduced four new flavors to their beverage line, launching these products to Prepared Food’s top 15 Beverages of 2015 list.

Matcha Lemon

This Blend of Manuka honey and Matcha is made with four all-natural ingredients including water, lemons, Manuka honey and Matcha green tea.

Strawberry Lemon

Tangy lemon meets honey in this Vitamin C drink made with water, lemons, honey and strawberries.

Turmeric Lemon

This spicy-sweet concoction of turmeric and honey is the perfect way to cool off and power up. Its all-natural ingredients are water, lemons, honey and turmeric.

Kale Cucumber

Take the freshness of kale and cucumber, combine with the tang of lemons and apples, drop in some honey for good measure and you’ve created a refreshing drink fit for anytime. Honeydrop’s Kale Cucumber includes filtered water, cucumbers, kale, apples, lemons and honey.

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