Mintel’s 2016 List for Food and Drink Trends

V8’s Chocolate Protein Shake

Every year, Mintel releases a list of food and drink trends that explore consumers’ evolving priorities.

Shifting economics, natural phenomena and social media are shaping what, how and where consumers are choosing to eat and drink.

We picked a few of our favorite trends from this year’s list!

1. Artificial: public enemy no. 1

Consumers are looking for natural formulations with recognizable ingredients. One product living up to this trend is Simple Squares, a brand of better-for-you snack bars made with five simple ingredients. The Cho-Coco Bar is made with chocolate, coconut, sea salt, nuts and honey.

2. From the inside-out

Consumers are placing new emphasis on products formulated to enhance physical appearance and wellness. This has created an emerging trend for products enhanced with everything from collagen to probiotics. Dreaming Cow’s Honey Pear yogurt contains live and active cultures, including probiotics. The product is lightly sweetened with honey.

3. For everybody

Sports nutrition is becoming mainstream, and more products than ever are focused on energy, hydration and protein. V8’s Chocolate Protein Shake blends milk, soy, quinoa, brown rice, cocoa and honey to give you a delicious burst of energy.

4. E-revolution: from carts to clicks

Innovations in online shopping, apps and delivery services are beginning to transform consumer expectations. NatureBox is a successful online snack subscription delivery service, and its Honey Dijon Pretzels are sweetened with dried honey for a perfect complement to the mustardy kick.

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