Millennials want honey in their alcohol

Honey In Alcohol Trend

Millennials want more from their alcohol. They want adventure and authenticity, and no matter how much taste buds change, the desire for the timeless taste of honey remains the same.

“The flavors of alcoholic beverages vary largely on the category, but similarities definitely exist,” said a report featured in Beverage Daily’s newsletter and website. “Honey appears on several category lists, especially in the last two years.”

Experts say honey is appearing in the flavored wine category in 2016, causing many to believe that mead has finally arrived. But it’s not just mead, honey is also being used in beers, ciders and dark spirits.

Double Chocolate Stout – Rogue Brewery – Newport, Ore.

Rogue’s Double Chocolate is made with rich chocolate flavors, rolled oats and honey. Whether you’re alone or with a loved one, this stout is perfect just about anytime.

Retire By The Fire – Charm City Meadworks – Baltimore, Md.

Get that fire started with this mead, featuring vanilla, cocoa nibs and clove. This classic staple of Charm City Meadworks has been re-released for 2016 and is sure to keep your warm until spring comes.

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