Hard cider is more popular than beer

Angry Orchard

The hard cider market may be smaller than beer’s, but it continues to outperform on almost every level. Last year, hard cider had $436 million in dollar sales.

Angry Orchard, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the most popular brands of hard cider, not to mention the leader in the market, accounting for almost 60% of dollar sales. But why the increase in popularity? What is it about hard cider that has consumers reaching for it instead of a 6-pack of beer? The answer: it appeals to consumers outside of the craft family.

Angry Orchard also capitalizes on using honey in some of their products, specifically with Summer Honey, a crisp refreshing beverage made with wildflower honey. It’s a seasonal cider, bright and not overly sweet, but still sweetened with honey for an all-natural and pleasant taste.

And Angry Orchard isn’t the only hard cider brewer using honey to sweeten and sell products. Strongbow Hard Apple Cider also integrates honey with their products. Strongbow had about a 64% sales increase last year as well, further proof that hard ciders are growing in popularity. Their Honey & Apple Cider is satisfyingly sweet, complex and unique flavor. It features a blend of bittersweet cider and warm, succulent honey.

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