The benefits of honey
and coconuts

Aqua Coco

Consumers are nuts for coconuts. The RTD coconut water category has grown exponentially in the United States, in large part because of its perception as all-natural and wellness product.

The coconut water market surpassed the global growth rate last year with a growth of 27%, and produced $778 million in revenue. Experts estimate that by the end of 2019, the accumulated global revenue of the coconut market will be just shy of $2 billion.

But it’s not just plain coconut water that’s driving revenue. It’s the variety of flavors that come with it, such as lemonade, chocolate, mango and honey.

Combining honey and coconut water has multiple benefits including pairing all-natural ingredients and adding a sweet and refreshing way to rehydrate and re-energize.

Aqua Coco, a United Kingdom company, capitalizes on these two ingredients by combining the sweetness of honey and the freshness of coconut water, with Aloe Vera for a cooler way to relax.

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