Making the switch in soft drinks


005 Sugar in soft drinks

Soft drink companies are feeling the heat of “clean labels” as sales in this category continue to fall. With the negative connotation of “artificial” in the air, beverage manufactures are making the switch to natural sweeteners.

In the last 14 months, more than 16% of global soft drink labels have switched to using either a no-added sugar, low-sugar or sugar-free label. More companies are falling in line with the latest trend as consumers gravitate toward clean labels. A 2015 Innova Market Insights survey found that 57% of consumers in the United States make their soft drink purchasing decisions based on sugar content. Consumers’ decision was close to 30% when choosing their juice and juice drinks.

While beverage manufactures make the switch to cleaner labels, honey takes a front seat as a natural alternative. With more than 300 different varietals found in the U.S. alone, honey is a sought after solution for an all-natural sweetener. Humble Honey Soda uses two teaspoons of honey in every soda bottle, Sprecher Brewing Co. Inc. uses Wisconsin honey for their sodas ranging from cherry cola to grape soda and Old Dominion also uses local honey for their top-rated Dominion Root Beer, just to name a few.

When switching to a cleaner label, honey is a solution that can be shared by all categories in the food and beverage industries.

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