Out with the old, in with the cold brew


While carbonated soft drinks continue to decline in consumption, cold brew coffee continues to rise as a caffeinated alternative.

According to Mintel’s Coffee U.S. 2016 report, RTD cold brew coffee is gaining steam, with a 580% growth from 2011-2016.

“Innovation continues to expand the cold brew portfolio at retail, which is seeing new flavors, dairy and non-dairy milk additions, and even functionalities and crossover products,” Elizabeth Sisel, beverage analyst at Mintel, says. With a growing market and consumer demand, the cold brew industry is introducing consumers to newer innovations, such as cold brew coffees with honey.

HoneyBrew with Peppermint, HoneyBrew with Cinammon
Full Bloom Coffee
Garner, N.C.
Full Bloom Coffee Roasters developed this energizing infusion of organic cold brew coffee and honey, available in peppermint and cinnamon flavors.

Honey Coffee
Switters Iced Coffee
Nashville, Tenn.
Switters Iced Coffee sweetens their iced coffee flavor with local Tennessee wildflower honey. It’s the perfect beverage for non-dairy drinkers and those who want a touch of sweetness added to their coffee.

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