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Mint and Honey — Moonshine Sweet Tea — Austin, Texas


Moonshine Sweet Tea Mint and Honey combines the sweetness of honey and the coolness of mint in a ready-to-drink tea.

The refreshing, bold tea uses the same secret family recipe perfected almost 70 years ago, and is brewed one kettle at a time.

Moonshine puts an emphasis on sweet Texas tea made with pure and simple ingredients, using the same seal of approval for every batch of tea for more than seven decades.

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Hibiscus Berry Tea — EnerBee — Coral Gables, Fla.


The company’s new Hibiscus Berry Tea is made with honey, bee pollen and royal jelly.

This gluten-free energy drink will have you buzzing.

Enerbee provides delicious and innovative energy products that support busy and active lifestyles while raising awareness for honey bees.

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When to add honey in brewing

Honey Comb and Jar

Brewing is a science. And, adding honey to the process allows for experimentation.

The sweetness of honey in beer depends on four major factors: the type of beer, the quantity of honey used, the type of honey used and the stage of the brewing process at which the honey is added.

Before brewing with honey, here are some tips for adding the ingredient during different stages of brewing:

The Boil:

Since honey is 95% fermentable, most of the sweetness in honey will be lost unless added at later stages in the boil. If you want a subtle honey flavor, add honey between 10 to 30 minutes left in the boil. To best preserve the aromatics of honey and obtain a stronger honey flavor, add it at the end of the kettle boil so it is exposed to high temperatures for a minimal amount of time.

Cooling or Primary Fermentation:

The benefits of adding honey during these brewing stages includes a stronger honey flavor and a boost in gravity. Honey also will help lighten the body of the brew and raise the ABV.

High Krausen:

Honey added at this stage will provide a strong honey flavor and help soften any bitter notes in the beer.


Honey will provide carbonation after bottling, and also impart a strong honey flavor.

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It’s sweet to brew with honey INDEED


This Minneapolis brewery is making a buzz with their artfully eclectic and well-loved seasonal releases and flagship brews, many of which are made with honey.

Indeed Brewing Company was founded in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District in the fall of 2012. With a growing team and distribution system, the brewery is thriving on distinctive and adventurous brews. To sweeten up their lineup, Indeed brews a general ale, imperial lager and fruit and spiced beer that all use – you guessed it – honey.

We reached out to Head Brewer, Josh Bischoff, to talk about Indeed Brewing Company and learn more about their honey beer lineup.

What attracted you to brewing with honey?

Before Indeed, I worked at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, where Mike Hoop’s love of honey became contagious. One of my favorite beers that he’s come up with is “Thunderstorm,” which uses orange blossom honey. It was that beer opened my eyes to the impact honey can have in brews.

What varietals of honey do you use in LSD, Summer Shenanigans and Mexican Honey?

In our LSD brew, the “S” stands for and uses sunflower honey. Our Summer Shenanigans Ale uses clover honey. And our Mexican Honey uses Mexican orange blossom honey.

During what part of the process do you incorporate honey in your LSD, Summer Shenanigans and Mexican Honey?

Whenever we use honey, we always add it in the kettle right after the boil. It seems that way we are able to still get the honey dissolved and mixed properly and not boil off volatiles in the process.

What would be your advice to those who want to start brewing with honey?

Start by getting a bunch of samples of different varieties of honey and seeing which ones “speak” to you. Then come up with a beer based around that particular variety of honey. Don’t be afraid to use lots of it!

What’s next for Indeed Brewing? Can we expect to see any more honey beers?

Lots of keeping on, keeping on! We have a “derailed” series of draft only brews that lets us follow our whims, so you can expect some new varieties of hops to be making an appearance and likely some “non traditional” ingredients that we haven’t really used yet. As for more honey, we are always checking out varieties we haven’t used and once inspiration strikes, a beer can move through pretty quickly!

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Utopian #9 — Moonlight Meadery — Londonderry, N.H.


Aged and fermented for five years in hand-selected casks from the Boston Beer Company, Moonlight Meadery’s 2016 Utopian #9 is a mead that offers a sweet and complex flavor that is reminiscent of a fine cognac or aged sherry.

Moonlight Meadery produces an array of award-winning meads and ciders, embracing the unique nature of natural honey.

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Pirates Blood — Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery — Chicago, Ill.


Infused with ancho, moritas and japones, Wild Blossom Meadery’s Pirates Blood has a smoky warmth that gives way to a honey finish.

The sweet and spicy mead is bottled with two chili peppers to increase heat with age.

Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery is the only mead producer on the Northern Illinois Wine Trail, creating wine and mead using locally produced ingredients for more than 20 years.

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Kill All the Golfers — B. Nektar Meadery — Londonderry, N.H.


Strong flavor elements such as gallberry honey, black tea and lemon juice makes a strong appearance in B. Nektar Meadery’s Kill All the Golfers.

Experience the sweetness of honey, bitter black tea and lemon notes and a fresh tobacco finish.

Currently the largest meadery in the United States, B. Nektar was the first meadery to join the ranks on the top 100 best breweries in the world by and has remained there since 2013, making award winning, world-class mead, hard ciders and beer.

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Kids Organic Honey Water Yumberry — Madhava Natural Sweeteners — Longmont, Colo.


Sweetened with honey and a splash of fruit juice, Kids Organic Honey Water omits artificial ingredients and uses nature’s gifts for a sweet touch that both moms and kids can love.

Madhava Natural Sweeteners is a privately owned natural sweetener company located in the foothills of Colorado.

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Organic Honey Basil — Bison Brewing — Berkeley, Calif.


Inspired by Medieval Europeans who commonly brewed with honey and gathered herbs, roots and flowers, Bison Brewing created Basil Ale, which carefully infuses caramel malts with fresh whole leaf basil and clover honey.

The honey adds a hint of sweetness and complements the herbal notes of the basil, making a virtually hop-less beer.

Bison Brewing makes organic beer sold in 15 states.

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Old Guard Biere de Garde — Service Brewing Co. — Savannah, Ga.


In honor of the prestigious 3rd U.S. Infantry, Service Brewing Co. (SBC) developed a new made with honey biere de garde named the Old Guard.

Taking a malt focused ale infused with yaupon honey, SBC worked with a yeast lab to cultivate yeast strains from the brewery’s own hives, giving the beer its ripe fruit notes and woodsy cellar-like aroma.

Service Brewing Co. is a veteran-owned and operated craft brewery dedicated to honoring those that have put their lives at risk and their country and community first. The company donates a portion of their revenues to assist charities that support those who serve in the United States military.

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