Making Functional Beverages with Honey

Beverages as medicine? The growth of the functional beverage market points to consumers looking for more than hydration from what they drink.

From kombucha to aloe water, new beverages are appearing daily in mainstream supermarkets that promise the deliverance of a functional benefit. Honey is the perfect flavor enhancer for these products, not just for its sweetening ability, but also for its ability to mask or round-off flavors from many functional ingredients.

In functional beverages, numerous sensory issues reduce consumer acceptance of the end product. Because most functional beverages are designed to increase the amount of protein per serving, manufactures add soy protein and whey protein isolates. These ingredients often provide a chalky coating to the palate and lower acceptance regarding product mouthfeel.

To improve this product limitation, the use of honey has been proven to improve mouthfeel. When added at a level of 10.6%, honey can help mask the chalky taste and smooth off flavors often imparted by the addition of soy proteins.

With a great flavor profile and the ability to mask off flavors, honey is the perfect sweetener for any functional beverage.

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