Making Ready-to-Drink Teas with Honey

Tea drinkers have been adding honey as an all-natural sweetener to their home brews for centuries. With its sweet flavor and ability to soothe the irritation of a cough, honey is the perfect blend in most teas.

Honey also is 100% natural, perfectly complementing tea’s position in the market. Consumers have noticed and propelled the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea category to new heights. Market research firm Mintel reports that RTD tea sales grew to $8 billion in 2013, and that the US tea market will double in value by 2016. More tea drinkers are on board than ever before, citing the health benefits and convenience of ready-to-drink packaging as top factors.

Not surprisingly, flavor is a large factor contributing to tea’s rising popularity. Mintel reports that flavor is the No. 1 reason why consumers purchase RTD tea. Flavor innovation in RTD teas has helped drive growth in the segment, and consumers are shifting toward a desire for unique flavors, resulting in different sweetener combinations.

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